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We hope to let everyone access AI, understand AI, and become AI creators.

Welcome👏! The open-source community "AI-warts" has released the long-awaited 4.0 version update of! This open-source AIGC course website aims to teach more people about AI. Just as the name suggests, Prompt is the communication bridge between AI and us, and the first step in learning to master AI often begins with learning and using Prompts.

Version 4.0 not only showcased how to master AI models to generate stunning content output through various convenient methods, but we also delved into various aspects related to AI. AI technology is rapidly evolving, from the initial ChatGPT to now text-to-image Midjourney, text-to-video Runway, digital human creation software HeyGen, and the open-source large model Llama2. We hope this course can help everyone have a more comprehensive understanding of AI, understand the impact and applications of AI technology, and have the ability to think independently in the AI wave.

With the development of the AI era, the barriers to using AI will gradually lower! Initially, we needed hundreds of courses to learn AI, and in the AGI era, our course pages will decrease or even clear, leaving only one sentence: "ALL you need is chat with AI." This is our mission!

A good tutorial is about subtraction, one article is enough.

🚀 Course Features

  • Rapid Iteration: To maintain the timeliness of the course, we will regularly publish refined articles on the latest technology. Please let us know your focus at any time.
  • Practical First: We are committed to teaching practical technology that can be directly implemented, allowing you to quickly integrate what you have learned into your projects and applications.
  • Reproducible Examples: Practice is the best teacher! We will provide detailed examples and strongly encourage you to run cases with corresponding AI products to enhance memory.
  • Progress Together: We believe that communication can further enhance learning effects. Any questions can be told to us through GitHub issues or by joining the study group.
  • Share Freely: believes in the open-source philosophy and insists on long-termism. Feel free to share excellent resources and knowledge, and we will synchronize them into the course.

We have carefully organized each chapter, and you can explore topics of interest freely without following a fixed order. According to the difficulty level of the articles and the required knowledge range, we maintain a tag system:

  • 🟢 Beginner Friendly: Suitable for complete novices, no prior knowledge required.
  • 🟡 Simple: Easy to get started with basic AI knowledge.
  • 🔴 Advanced: Suitable for learners with specific field knowledge, deep learning, and practice to expand professional skills. Please note that even articles marked as 🔴 Advanced can be gradually understood by studying our 🟢 Beginner Friendly and 🟡 Simple chapters.

We recommend the "First Principles of Instruction" proposed by Professor David Merrill:

  • Principle 1: Problem-Centered - Learning is promoted when learners are engaged in solving real-world problems.
  • Principle 2: Activation - Learning is promoted when existing knowledge is activated as a foundation for new knowledge.
  • Principle 3: Demonstration - Learning is promoted when new knowledge is demonstrated to the learner.
  • Principle 4: Application - Learning is promoted when learners apply new knowledge.
  • Principle 5: Integration - Learning is promoted when new knowledge is integrated into the learner's world.

David Merrill‘s First Principles of Instruction

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The writing of this tutorial refers to the content and examples of the following tutorials or documents. Thank you to the creators for their contributions!

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